Monday, October 4, 2010

Varkala - Trivandrum - KL then Home

Well, at last, they've decided to come home. Here's the last report - perhaps.
Firstly D apologises for the poor sizing of the photos, but she only has a very primitive freebie photoeditor of the eeepc.  She will fix the others when the hotel server is up and running again.
The weather there has mostly been wet and windy with the odd fine and glorious day.  They have found an excellent tailor and are having a few bits of clothing made all in either silk or linen., at amazingly good rates.  Even G is buying some clothes!!!!!
D likes to swim in every ocean in the world, so she had planned today to have a dip in the Arabian sea.  Too bad the weather deteriorated and the monsoon has churned the waves to a fairly dangerous level, sooooo... its only been a paddle.  Anyway it may fine up tomorrow.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fort Cochi

Houseboats on the backwaters to Varkala on the cliffs

Hi all Thien has told me (Tidda) that D and G are on the last stage of the holiday.
They spent four glorious days cruising the waterways of Kerala starting in Kumarakhom on the house boat "Ganga" (Ganges) and saw amazing other houseboats, heaps of gorgeous khaki Campbell duckies, from babies to adults cruising on the canals from the duck breeders.
Sadly, we have seen no seagulls at all anywhere but in their place we have seen hundreds- really - of white headed sea eagles and some other similar raptors brown, and some kind of kite.  The birds have been stunning with amazing flashes of brilliant blue of the kingfishers and gorgeous calls from teeny little birds we don't know or recognise.
Glorious colours of the plants overhanging the waterways flashing red hibiscus, gardenias, providing heady perfumes, the yellow alamanders, gorgeous perfumed red lotus on all the rice paddies, being prepared for relanting. The brilliant colours of the houses, purples, golds, oranges, hot pinks,and all varieties in between, the huge churches, temples and even JC on a stand with is brolly  held high.
The food on board was wonderful with a great cook who gave G lessons.
Ramesh was the cleanest cook all food double washed beforee prep, constant washing of his hands.  It was a treat.  Lots of card games, which G mostly won - dammit.
The trip finished in Allepey at 8.00aam and at 10.30am they were on another boat this time the ferry for a slow trip (8 hours) down the inside passage canals and lakes  to Kollam with a stay in a real hotel the Nani with lots of hot water and a comfy bed. After two nights, a short half hour train trip down to Varkala and the cliff tops.
Varkala is known for its fabulous seafood and we had some last night, kingfish served in spicy sauce and baked in a banana leaf in the Tandoor oven  Yuuuuuum!!
D has discovered a good tailor so is having some clothing made a coupla skirts and yet another jacket.
Wednesday off to Trivandrum.  Home on Saturday.