Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Mob update

Am I a Parma?? or a swampie?
Tamba with honey eater
Well they got home a few weeks ago and all seems to have settled back to near normality.  The marsh flies are driving us all crazy as they bite our tails, the mozzies are fierce as we have been having torrents of rain.  The cicadas are all hatching and addong to the cacophany, and all the birds are nesting.  The black chinned honeyeaters are stealing fur from Tamba to line their nests.
Little Opal our eastern grey cousin has left and D is concerned that she may have met with a nasty fate, OR she may have gone hopping away with Klim and Clyde who are now big boys and do big boy (teenagers) stuff, such as brawl and chase girls.
It wasn't too long after D nd G arrived home that they took on the care of three very cute little Swamp Wallaby joeys whose mothers had been killed.  One comes from just down the road near the railway line, his Mum was hit by a train, so he was lucky to survive.  Another little female comes from the swamps of Beranghi Co-op land and other is from parts unknown.  He is a little spooky character very nervous.  All have settled in well and have put on weight.  They like to all sleep together in the same pouch.   Shortly afterwards, another little joey arrived to join the 3 already here and she comes from the Crescent Hd area.  Some think she's a Parma, maybe but daily she is growing more and more like a Swampie.  She has settled in and now enjoys snoozing with the others in the pouch, however she has been relegated to the bottom and everyone seems to pile on top of her. She was orphaned as a result of road crash.
We love to share

 Our little mob now consists of me Tidda, Tamba and little Tom our red-necked wallaby friend.  Soon the swampies will be released - that is when our little Parma/Swampy friend is big enough - probably some time after the xmas holidays.