Thursday, May 31, 2012


Mate has started to get well, thanks to the fantastic nursing skills of Carole and Stephan. We are so pleased they are looking after us and especially little Mate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Upsetting news

We've all been released- then Bro gets the nasty protozoa disease, just when we discover that D and G are heading overseas and leaving us with the strangers who came fora cup of tea the other day.  Nice people though,Carole and Stephan,housesitters. They are from WA.They looked after Broey and he got really well.  Then little Merinda,didn't come in for
her morning munchies, something odd, we haven't seen her since. We are all really worried. Next Broey missing a few days later.  Carole andStephan went searching and found his little headless body down by the dam.  Everyone was reallydistressed  and Carole had to email D and G to tell them the sad news.
More awful news, Mate, the third in the trio,has stressedso much he has contracted coccidiosis. Mate probably won't survive!  All our humanfriends are very concerned.