Thursday, December 8, 2011

More new babies

Its coming up to Xmas now and the weather is still scary and stormy - although its the lunar eclips around midnight.  That's a new experience for us, the young joeys.  D has just released little Ali our newest red necked wallaby, who now weighs in at 7kg.  We now have no joeys in care. We spend all our days lazing about the house, on the deck or grazing on the grass. D hopes well move away soon, as we bring a good supply of mozzies and the bitey march flies, great big horsefly looking creatures.
Next weekend three more joeys will be arriving from our Macropod co-ordinator.  They are Eastern Greys and there are two little boys Mate and Bro and Mindy the smallest is a girl.  It will be good to have more for the mob.
We had a visit from Chloe our last released Swamp Wallaby, she looked fat and well groomed and healthy.