Monday, January 30, 2012

Yarra on You Tube

I have posted a video on You Tube of the brown headed honey eaters collecting fur lining for their nests. These little honeyeaters nest high in the eucalypt canopy.
Click on this link below 

Mate In Temp pen

January end - Cripes more joeys. Carer Annette from Arakoon, arrived a few days ago with Roley and Pip two red necked wallabies.  Roley got his name as he was always falling out of his pouch, when he was tiny.  They are really sweet, friendly and healthy.
Blow me down D and G have decided to accept two more a swamp wallaby joey and another red necked joey.  This is crazy.  That will be 7, don't know how the morning and evening feeds will go. They don't have that many hands.
They've decided, these are the last newbies now as they are going adventuring in May and these littlies will have to be released before they go which is a tight timetable.  The housesitters will take over and it should all run very smoothly.
JANUARY 26, 2012  Australia Day dawned wet, gusty and all the celebrations for the Valley have been cancelled.
Not that we the macropods could care less.
D and G have just accepted yet more joeys.  In December we were joined, (well in the pens, that is)by three eastern grey babies,
Merinda from Collombatti, a neighbour nearly, whose Mum was killed by dogs; luckily she wasn't but, her shoulder was dislocated and Carol - her carer at the time had to carry out lots of physio on her tiny little body.  Shea the wonderful vet worked her magic,and Merinda survived.  Although, she did spend some time on heat pads etc.She also had trouble with her tail which was permanently curled to the right.  Now that she's a happy little hoppy, her tail is lovely and straight, and she nearly can hop without wobbling.  She's gaining weight fast and nearly has her lazy toilet habits under control.  Can now get out of her pouch to toilet.  D is so thrilled, saves on so much laundry.
Mate - a pouch buddy, who's a gorgeous creamy colour, also a Collombatti kanga, whose Mum was shot, progressed really well until one particularly wet and windy night, when the ringtail possum raiders (mum with joey on back) popped by to steal some pellets from the joeys, and spooked them all.  Mate went into shock and next morning, when G went to feed the wamberoo, he was listless and hunched up.  D was at the pool swimming laps, stopped to catch her breath and heard the phone ringing.  Jumped out only to learn of this, bolted to the car and home.  Diagnosis - Mate had coccidiosis - prognosis - usually fatal.  Luckily not, but only after careful nursing, a faecal float, by Shea the vet, and doses of antibitoics and Coccivet @ 10 times the normal preventative rate and super hydrating, pushing fluids, he survived. Eureka.
Bro the other pouch buddy.  Such a gorgeous snuggly little bloke, his Mum was killed in a vehicle collision, also a Collombatti boy.  Pretty scary out this way.  Also alovely creamy colour. His progress has been uneventful.  They all weight around 4.5kgs now.  D ill post photos soon.