Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Missing planes saga

Well it didn't finish there... no economy seats on the later flight, forfeiture of the early ticket money, business class seats for a one hour flight, plus a mountain of food not needed, NO bus class checkin , just hustle with the mob, and fly back one hour to Istanbul, various long delays, then a 1 hour flight forward to Antalya so instead of an hour or so to save time with a short coach ride - 1 hour on to the ancient seaside town of Side, they arrived at 11pm - ugh! At the the room was good, although, due to the vagaries of the Turkish wifi they (the hotel) didn't get the email so could only give a room for one night!!!
Beautiful little town, thanks Paul for the recommendation. Moved next morning up the road to the hotel of another family member and spent three glorious days, swimming and exploring this lovely place, where the sea turtles (carretta carretta) come to visit and cavort.
The whole town is built on an ancient city. Truly lovely.
More soon..

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