Friday, July 13, 2012


This has been a long break from reporting for us on behalf of D and G.  Their next adventures took them to the Cappadoccia region. They stayed in the Hotel Sofa in Avenos which is a lovely village in the region, with a large fast flowing river, similar size to the Macleay.  AND they hire out gondolas. The area was truly fantastic, and they walked themselves to exhaustion. Second day they, hired a car, and really enjoyed their adventures. The cherries were delicious, as usual, as were all the stonefruit coming into season. The wild and wonderful landscapes, lend themselves, to amazing imaginings. Many are ancient churches, still with the ancient artists handiwork on display. The people didn't live constantly in the caves, only when the warring marauders came through. on the last day when they were due to drive to Kayseri, to catch a mid morning flight,  and were held up in heavy traffic due to road works AND MISSED THE FLIGHT!! .....
More on that later..

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  1. Well 12 months have passed and the adventures continued. D and G are now back home. Tamba has lost yet another joey baby, due to her being so skittish and panicky. I (Tidda) have my first ever joey and am looking after it very well. D and G are waiting for me to let it out of the pouch but it's still too tiny but it's allowed to poke it's head out.