Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last week in Turkey

This is the is D and G's last week in Turkey before they head off to Venice. So here's the updates, with some photos and more, when they get to Italy. Ephesus and the small town of Selcuk, with the storks, nesting on the tops of the power poles, the minarets - the mums and Dads take off at prayer call time, unfortunately, the bubbies have stay and get themselves, blasted by the speakers.  Selcuk museum, though small, was very interesting, G bought a CD of Turkish instrumental music that was playing. The was a very old road, now next to a busy highway, which the locals use for walking, it used to be for donkey carts, horses etc, but it's too narrow for the traffic these days. It is lined with huge mulberry trees, alternately black and white mulberries, yummy all fruit ripe and dropping. It runs for a couple of kms past the entry to the Artemis temple site. It's a very elegant boulevard of dappled light in the early morning.
Leaving Selcuk, they travelled on the commuter train to Pamukkale, a very fast two hours, lovely clean, train NO GRAFFITI!  Turkish kids must be having more fun.

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