Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pammukkale to Lake Egridir

The trip across was by train and they settled in to a great hotel across the road from the wonderful shining white terraces, the hotel owner drove them up to the Heiropolis entrance,(where D nearly stood on a small thin green snake nearly a metre long) that made her leap.
The walked through the ruins along the top of a ridge with the terraces spilling off to the west, after walking for about half an hour they came upon the antique hot pool with the old  columns artfully placed around in it. Water temp 36° they stayed around in it for about an hour luxuriating. Then paddled back down the hill to the hotel through the travertne shallows.
Next day, was a tour with 5 other people to Aphrodisius where D got all excited because she spotted a hoopoe bird. Rare in Turkey these days. The stadium of this ancient city still in really good repair for a place a few thousand years old. It seated 30,000 bodies. That afternoon it was back on the coach and off to Lake Egridir. This is in the mountains of central Turkey, where the beautiful roses ars grown for their oil.Attar of Rose. More later...

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  1. We want photos! Especially of D and the green snake.